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AAE Crosby Center Review

The AAE Retreat offers accommodations for individuals receiving treatment at the Crosby Center in three luxurious homes located in Escondido, California. Crosby Center clients have access to outpatient services through individual therapy sessions that uses an evidence-based and holistic approach to recovery. Crosby Center has been around since 2000, providing programs to treat men and women struggling with mental health issues, eating disorders, PTSD and substance abuse dependencies. 

Crosby Center combines individual sessions with education, fitness and meditation. Medically monitored detox is also available to those in need.

Accommodations and Food

The AAE homes provide safety and privacy for residents during recovery. Surrounding the properties are the Escondido Mountains and all homes are gated with surveillance cameras, creating estate-like accommodations. House managers also live on-site at each home to facilitate the needs of residents. AAE homes include a men’s house, a women’s house and co-ed accommodations. In each there is a swimming pool, landscaped grounds and gardens with water features, a gym, a formal dining room as well as outdoor seating for dining al fresco and a fully-equipped kitchen. Clients may choose either private quarters at no extra cost or a shared bedroom, both options with antique furnishings and luxury linens on double beds. Each home accommodates a maximum of six clients at a time with between three to five bedrooms in each home.

An on-site chef prepares gourmet meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They make sure to serve healthy well-balanced meals as proper nutrition is an important part of recovery at AAE. All fruits, vegetables and meat products are locally sourced and featured at every meal. All food is included in monthly rent.

Treatment and Staff

Treatment is provided at the Crosby Center where clients are transported every day. Duration is anywhere from 30- to 90-days depending on each individual’s recovery needs. In order to best diagnose each client’s situation, he or she is required to undergo a series of brain scans and neurological tests during the first week.

After this period, individualized neurofeedback and biofeedback protocols are used on a weekly basis to monitor the effectiveness of therapy using EEG and SPECT studies. The Crosby Center’s NSI (Neuroscience Institute) staffs highly qualified neuro-psychological professionals that offer these services as part of each client’s treatment plan. These advanced technologies make Crosby Center particularly appealing to athletes in recovery with concussion damage. Additionally, multiple medical doctors and therapists examine the results and collaborate to create a treatment plan. Those in need of medication are offered psychiatric medication management.

Each resident’s day varies but consists mainly of individual therapy with their case manager and various other therapists throughout the day. Clients are required to wake up early and have breakfast, after which they are transported to the Crosby Center. One-on-one sessions use traditional talk therapy and evidence-based modalities like CBT and DBT. Educational information is also incorporated into individual sessions focusing on the brain and its function in addiction and recovery. Clients are also required to complete assignments on a weekly and sometimes daily basis. Twelve-step participation is not a part of the programs at Crosby Center.

As a supplement to therapy, a certified yoga instructor offers meditative yoga sessions three times a week. Those not interested in living at one of the homes are offered the same individual therapy services in an outpatient setting with less frequent attendance. Typically, clients in the standard outpatient program attend treatment three times a week.

The staff is made up of a highly qualified team of specialists. There are LADCs, LPCs, licensed psychologists, psychiatrists, neurologists, acupuncturists and yoga instructors.


Through AAE Crosby Center there are three sober living homes which function similarly to the residential track offered. There are two gender-specific homes and a co-ed home. Each home accommodates a maximum of six people at a time in shared rooms but only requires them to attend treatment three times a week. Clients must transport themselves to the Crosby Center for treatment. Employment is not required but is highly recommended and those who become employed may schedule treatment around their work schedule. There are also weekly drug and alcohol tests in order to assure that all clients abstain from alcohol and drugs.

Aftercare services are available to all who complete inpatient treatment. This program requires each individual to sign a contract stating their commitment to attend treatment three times a week for at least 90 days.

Acupuncture is also available upon request.

In Summary

AAE Crosby Center is a highly secure and structured program for adults in need of various mental health services and substance abuse support. The luxury inpatient accommodations combined with a myriad of services for those seeking well rounded care in private homes make this stand-out treatment and facilities in North San Diego county. Additionally, those who are drawn to Crosby Center’s recovery program but want a more affordable option may opt for stand-alone outpatient care. Overall AAE Crosby Center offers a wide range of cutting-edge treatment options.

AAE Crosby Center Location

AAE Crosby Center
613 W Valley Pkwy
Escondido, CA 92025

AAE Crosby Center Cost

$49,500 (inpatient, 30 days; $1,650 per day); sliding scale (outpatient). Reach AAE Crosby Center by phone at (858) 385-9399. Find AAE Crosby Center on Facebook

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  1. This place is a total and absolute SCAM. The man who owns this place is a CRIMINAL who has spent time in prison for fraud and money laundering. He goes by the name Larry Burns, but his actual name is LAWRENCE BURZYNSKI (FBI Number 189372M7). I was an inpatient client there for two months (December 2014 to January 2015). To make a long story short, I went there for intense therapeutic support, which they promised, and left with NOTHING. They charged me $9,000 for the program upfront, and promised that the rest was covered by my insurance. After spending weeks and weeks there with little to no access to actual therapists, I went home, and six months later they send me a bill for $34,000! The only explanation was “Oops, the insurance company didn’t cover the rest,” which they promised me upfront that it would. I was a brand new school teacher, and I was not about to pay for a fraudulent program that didn’t provide ANY of the services they promised and lied to me about my $9,000 covering the cost of the program. I was left with no choice, but to file BANKRUPTCY FOR MEDICAL FRAUD. Here I am, a year into bankruptcy because these dishonest people take serious advantage of their clients; nothing but lies come out of their mouths. I’ve talked to other clients who were in the program with me at the same time, and there stories are the exact same: promised a low one-time payment and then hit with a bill for tens of thousands of dollars for services we never received. MORE DETAILS: I went to the Crosby Clinic because they promised they had an amazing program to treat people with PTSD. I was at the end of my rope back home. I had been through a lot of therapy to treat my complex PTSD, but nothing had worked. I reached out to the Crosby Clinic as a lifeline. They promised me daily sessions with therapists, 24/7 around the clock access to mental health professionals, art therapy, yoga, equestrian therapy, brain scans, neurofeedback, a personal nutrition plan, and six months of daily followup once I was done with the program. None of that is true! Instead, the staff shuttles you to the clinic each weekday morning and they send you to a conference room where they give you NOTHING TO DO for HOURS, while you wait for a session with a therapist. I was lucky to even get two sessions with therapists each day. I had to literally fight with the front desk every day so they would book me sessions with a therapist. This place is promised to be an INTENSIVE inpatient treatment program, but you get very little access to actual therapists and no access to the emotional support programs they say they offer (i.e. They don’t have art therapy; they don’t have a nutrition program; there’s no equestrian therapy; no support groups; NOTHING.) I was there for PTSD, but they threw me into a group with drug addicts and treated me just like an addict. They took away my phone with no reason or explanation and forced me to talk with a social worker who treated me like a child and didn’t know ANYTHING about how to interact with someone with PTSD. (In fact, this very social worker was fired a few months after I left because of her sexual misconduct with one of the NFL clients who was there for a concussion.) Lawrence Burzynski is the scum of the earth and treats his clients like shit. He questioned my ability to be a school teacher (when I was literally weeks from graduating and landing a job), and always doubted my ability to heal. When I actually had my first good day in months, I shared it with him and he said “don’t expect it to last long.” Really?! He can’t even celebrate small successes of his clients? I could go on for pages and pages, but I’ll just finish by leaving a genuine warning from my heart. DO NOT ENROLL IN ANY OF THE CROSBY CENTER PROGRAMS! THEY ARE DISHONEST PEOPLE WHO WILL GIVE YOU NOTHING AND TRY TO EXTORT THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS FROM YOU FOR IT. I wish I’d had an honest review to read before I went there. My goal in writing this post is to save any future clients who show interest in this program from having to go through the terrible ordeal that I went through. Steer clear of this place. They are so many programs out there who actually provide real, healing therapeutic support to their clients. I hope you reconsider this place and go somewhere else. You deserve all the love, help, and healing in the world as you face your challenges. Please look out for yourself and find an alternate program. YOU deserve all the best that life can offer. Sending positive energy to you as you begin your pathway to healing.

    • Dear Kathryn Wright,

      I work for a San Diego law firm and we’re investigating complaints against The Crosby Center. Please contact me so that we can have a discussion. You may be a great help to us and we would appreciate your time help.
      E-mail: [email protected]
      Phone: 619-234-3913

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