Sober Dating Will Never Be the Same: The Single and Sober App

Sober Dating Will Never Be the Same: Check Out the Single and Sober App


Let’s face it: no matter who you are, modern dating can get complicated. Still, things can get especially complicated for those who are newly . In the past, anyone looking for love was often most likely to meet their partner through a mutual friend, at work, or just by striking up conversation with a kind-looking stranger. With the advent of so much digital technology, the dating landscape has changed dramatically—and all manner of online dating apps and services have emerged to fill the void. Unfortunately, many of those services don’t have the sober community particularly in mind.

According to statistics from, 37% of people tend to drink before a first date even begins—and a whopping 86% tend to drink during the date itself. When it comes to online dating, where the pressure is only increased because you’ve never met the person before, that becomes a bad combination for any teetotalers out there. Fortunately, there is another option for anyone in recovery who wants to give online dating a try without risking their sobriety. Instead of gambling on dating apps designed for “normies,” why not give Single and Sober a try?

Like any other service you may have heard of, Single and Sober allows users to make a profile, add photos of themselves, list any pertinent information and start looking for their match online. Unlike many other dating services, however, Single and Sober puts a premium on safety for all members. To that end, the service is exclusive to those who are in active recovery, meaning you won’t have to explain why you’re not drinking on a first date to a stranger ever again. Beyond that, the staff at Single and Sober also monitor the profiles on the service to ensure that nobody who is still drinking or using drugs is using the site, in addition to regularly investigating and responding to any other suspicious behavior. Regardless, it’s important that users take their own precautions to stay safe as well.

While there’s never a guarantee that meeting somebody for the first time will result in a lifelong love connection, it’s safe to say that sober people deserve an equal chance at finding love. For most people, drinking on a date is a way to get more comfortable so that it’s easier to get to know the other person. For anybody in recovery, being faced with the temptation to drink can lead to relapse and all kinds of other problems. With Single and Sober, users can find a community of like-minded people to choose from rather than potentially putting themselves in harm’s way. No matter whether they’re looking for their soulmate or just a romantic fling, Single and Sober members are sure to find the dating community they’re looking for.

Without a doubt, getting sober is a huge accomplishment that’s worth celebrating. Still, the true difficulties of sobriety often don’t reveal themselves for a little while. Though the initial challenges of clearing out your life of old bad influences takes plenty of work, recovering addicts and alcoholics also have to re-learn how to do all kinds of daily behaviors as well. They have to work harder than average not to beat themselves up, to face their emotions in a healthy way and to deal with their daily anxieties. Needless to say, all of these challenges can make healthy dating seem impossible at first. Fortunately, Single and Sober provides the first step in the right direction towards finding that special someone. After all, putting your partying days behind you shouldn’t have anything to do with your ability to find love.


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