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Littleton Colorado2Xtreme Review

2Xtreme is an alternative outpatient treatment facility for boys and young men with substance abuse issues and behavioral problems. Located in Littleton, Colorado, just a half our Northwest of Denver, treatment at 2Xtreme combines evidence-based practices with intensive and extreme sports for a unique adventure therapy approach to substance abuse and behavioral treatment.

Founded by John Davis who holds a Clinical Masters degree in Counseling Psychology in 1999, this not-for-profit organization represents his belief that young men succeed through cultivating rich relationships of trust and by participating in creating their recovery plans and staying engaged in the process.

Treatment and Staff

2Xtreme offers a range of different adventure and alternative therapy experiences which all implement the same treatment modalities. Every program integrates group and individual therapy, process groups and educational talks and lectures. Whether on weekend-long trips to the mountains or seven-month long trips overseas, clients have the opportunity to challenge themselves athletically and experiencing adventure while working on their behavioral problems or chemical dependency.

Some of the programs available are the 2Xtreme Dream program and a mentoring program. 2Xtreme Dream is a nine-month reward-based therapeutic program that integrates travel, therapy, high intensity recreational activities and the “seven behavior facets” that make up the Dream. The seven behavior facets the clients must comply with in order to participate are: helping counselors to form their own treatment plan, maintaining good grades, holding a part-time job, performing community service, staying drug and alcohol free, having zero negative police contact and resolving conflicts at home. The end of the program is where the travel component comes in; a mountaineering expedition in another country.

A typical day at 2Xtreme starts at 7 am and is quickly followed by breakfast, the first group session of the day and an experiential learning activity. Lunch follows at noon, then the continuation of the experiential activity followed by individual or group therapy at 4 pm. At 5 pm clients have individual time, followed by dinner then a group session, a house activity and lights out at 11 pm.

Each client’s case is managed by the credentialed staff as they progress through treatment. Additional modalities may also be integrated depending upon the individual’s personal recovery needs and goals. The 12-steps are not integrated into the programs, however clients may be referred to chapters following treatment if they desire it or if the counselors think it may help them maintain sobriety.

The staff at 2Xtreme consists of MAs and Level II Certified Addiction Counselors (CACIIs).


In addition to the counseling treatment programs, 2Xtreme also offers a variety of other programs and services to their clients including a support group for mothers (M2M), a support group for fathers (D2D), a mentoring program, therapeutic adventure trips and team building services and exercises.

2Xtreme’s mentoring program offers the chance for clients and graduates of the program to give back and help adolescent boys through the daily struggles they face in addiction and recovery. The goal of the mentoring program is to provide an intervention of sorts before a crisis happens and to help both the mentor and the mentee form trust and relationship skills.

The M2M and the D2D programs are support groups for mothers and fathers of clients allowing them to come together to share their experiences and provide acceptance for each other through difficult parenting obstacles.

In Summary

2Xtreme offers a unique experiential therapy program for boys and young men seeking alternative forms of treatment for substance abuse and behavioral problems. The range of programs offer the same components of traditional evidence-based therapies with adventure experiences and sporting activities that allow clients to change their negative and unhealthy habits and develop self-reliance, independence, self-esteem and strong bonds with others who share their struggles.

2Xtreme Location

8101 S Shaffer Parkway, Ste 102
Littleton, CO 80127

2Xtreme Cost

Sliding scale. Reach 2Xtreme by phone at (720) 922-9779 or by email at [email protected]. Find 2Xtreme on Facebook

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