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1st Alliance Treatment Services LLC1st Alliance Treatment Services LLC Review

1st Alliance Treatment Services LLC (1st Alliance) operates thirteen offices in the Colorado cities of Boulder and Denver, and their suburbs. A variety of outpatient services are available to adults struggling with alcohol and drug abuse. 1st Alliance is a relatively young organization, founded in 2009 with the intention of providing its clients quality treatment at a reasonable price. The offices offer DUI classes as well as therapy and life skills classes six days a week. Evening groups are also offered, catering to the client who may be balancing recovery as well as work and family obligations. Unlike many outpatient clinics, 1st Alliance offers no intake fee, flexible payment opportunities and a monthly (as opposed to a weekly) rate.

Treatment and Staff

All new 1st Alliance clients should prepare for two meetings before beginning treatment. The first meeting is two hours and mostly involves filling out paperwork. In their second meeting at 1st Alliance, clients meet with a counselor who evaluates the client and determines which course of treatment will be most beneficial. This facility is more aligned with evidence-based methods therefore 12-step recovery is not a part of the curriculum. Psychoeducation and CBT in a group setting are the primary forms of therapy. Individual therapy sessions are scheduled on an as-needed basis.

For men and women dealing with drug and alcohol abuse, 1st Alliance offers an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), a slightly less-intensive outpatient program called Enhanced Outpatient (EOP) and individual relapse prevention classes that can be taken in conjunction with the IOP or EOP.

The IOP is four consecutive weeks of group therapy three times a week, three hours at a time. The EOP must be completed in a four to six week period and clients attend group two hours at a time, twice a week. For clients who may need more time at this level of recovery, there is the potential to extend the length of EOP. Relapse prevention classes are for clients who have a long track record of relapse and experience significant difficulty staying sober. This group meets for one to two hours a week and all IOP and EOP clients are welcome to participate in addition to their mandated group hours.

For court-mandated clients dealing with DUI charges, 1st Alliance runs a very organized and thorough program for which clients receive credit for the Colorado Department of Motor Vehicle and for the court system. Clients are assigned to either a series of educational classes (Level I or Level II). Level II clients follow up their series with a track of group therapy (Track A, B, C or D). 1st Alliance uses the “Change Companies” curriculum in their educational classes, where clients learn about DUI laws, their scope and purpose as well as how to better and make changes to their lives.

The Level I educational track is six consecutive weeks of two hour classes. Level II is twelve consecutive weeks of two hour classes. Level II’s four “tracks” of group therapy are distinguished by the level of the client’s offense. So, Track A clients are typically first time offenders who had a BAC under 1.7. Track A clients are required to complete 42 hours of group over a 21 week period. Track B clients are also usually first time offenders but had a BAC over 1.7: these clients are required to complete 52 hours in 26 weeks. Clients in Track C typically had a prior record and a BAC of under 1.7. Track C requires 68 hours over 43 weeks. Track D, which requires 86 hours over 43 weeks, is the most severe and applies to clients with a prior and a BAC over 1.7.

All treatment is facilitated by Master’s-level therapists and addiction counselors. However, the number of staff and specific credentials vary depending on the location. Potential clients should call their nearest location ahead to confirm any pertinent employee details.


For a price, 1st Alliance clients can purchase Soberlink, an individual pocket breathalyzer that links to their cell phones. With this tool, clients can drug test an unlimited number of times a day then upload the results rather than going into a 1st Alliance office. There is a Soberlink “treatment bundle” available for purchase that includes Level I Education, Level II Education, a track of therapy (A, B, C or D), relapse prevention and anger management group.

Thinking for a Change is a 12-week program with one to two hours of therapy a week for clients who are looking to be more intentional in their thinking behavior patterns. The program is meant to give clients new skills to exercise in recovery.

For clients who need help with anger management, 1st Alliance offers one to two hours of group therapy per week. Aftercare services are also available once a client has fully completed one of the therapeutic programs.

In Summary

Recovery at 1st Alliance Treatment Services is made accessible to clients juggling multiple responsibilities, although balancing work and family with 1st Alliance’s series of educational classes and group therapy will be more challenging for the IOP client or the client assigned to a “Track C” or “Track D” program. Potential clients on parole or struggling to maintain long-term sobriety will find ample support at 1st Alliance to meet their needs and begin the path to changing out old behavior for a new way of life.

1st Alliance Treatment Services LLC Location

1st Alliance Treatment Services LLC
1075 S Yukon St
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1st Alliance Treatment Services LLC Cost

Flexible Pay; Medicaid. Reach 1st Alliance Treatment Services by phone at (800) 808-6594. Find 1st Alliance Treatment Services on Facebook and Twitter

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