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Set on a 10-acre waterfront property in Jensen Beach, Florida, 12 Keys Rehab attendees certainly have the advantage of getting sober in a gorgeous environment. Led by Dr. Victor Balta, an addiction specialist with more then 25 years experience, the mission at 12 Keys seems to be blending science and spirituality. By mixing a traditional 12-step foundation with holistic treatment alternatives, the program teaches clients how to live life substance-free.

Accommodations and Food

Housed in an old plantation home, 12 Keys gives residents the option of living in the main house or in one of 15 cabins spread throughout the property. The main house is a roomy, converted mansion that offers residents access to a state-of-the-art kitchen, spacious bedrooms and welcoming interior design. The cabins are cozy, single-occupancy spaces with private bathrooms and flat screen televisions designed for those who need more privacy; these lodgings cost an extra $4,000 a month.

The campus at 12 Keys also features an Olympic-sized outdoor swimming pool and a large fishing dock. For those who want to stay in contact with the outside world, the facility allows the use of private laptops and cell phones (after completing an initial week without electronics); clients can use their devices for a surprising six hours a day, and are also welcome to watch TV during down time.

12 Keys does not skimp when it comes to food. A private chef comes in daily to prepare a variety of meals for the residents, all of which are eaten together in the main house’s dining room, just as a family would. There are typically one or two entrees available at each meal, and the chefs are also open to requests. Special needs can be accommodated as well, and all residents are welcome to drink caffeinated beverages before 9 am.

Treatment and Staff

Overall, the treatment model at 12 Keys is somewhat unusual in splitting recovery into 12 distinct parts, though seemingly without any distinct structure. The “keys” to recovery include rehab staples like admission, detox and 30 to 90 days of primary care (though not listed in that order), but also includes making friends and telling residents to “repair, relax and enjoy life,” which may more be marketing jargon than a treatment modality.

In the beginning, clients are supervised 24/7 care as they attend three to seven days of detox. After that, they move into the main house where they begin a full schedule of individual therapy, group therapy, 12-step meetings, educational lectures, sponsor work and fitness. 12 Keys uses the 12 steps as the underlying foundation for all the work they do during treatment. Counseling is also regarded as an essential component to the recovery process, and group therapy covers topics like relapse prevention, emotional processing, addiction as a disease and CBT.

Dual-diagnosis support is also available, and comes with an emphasis on one-on-one attention. Courses of treatment are personalized by each resident’s counselor, and all include meeting weekly for private sessions. Each counselor takes on no more then five clients at a time, ensuring a high level of specialized attention for each resident.

Residents are taken to AA meetings every night, and are also required to obtain a sponsor. Once this relationship is established, sponsors proceed to take clients through the 12 steps the rest of the way. Family visitation is allowed on the weekends, after the first week of treatment.

The staff at 12 Keys is a mix of certified counselors and licensed mental health counselors. There is also an on-site psychiatrist that handles all medication in addition to a medical doctor. All therapy and groups take place off-site in 12 Keys’ main offices, which are just a few minutes away; clients are transported to and from treatment by bus several times a day (included in the price).


All clients get a chance for physical activity first thing in the morning with an off-site gym membership; rides are provided to the gym each morning, and membership fees are included in 12 Keys’ monthly cost. Weekend outings also provide residents the opportunity to have a taste of the real world. Movies, bowling, deep sea fishing, kayaking and hiking are just a few examples of the outings that clients can partake in, and all are included at no extra cost.

In Summary

Those looking to immerse themselves in the 12 steps under the Florida sun will get their chance to do so at 12 Keys. With ample access to outdoor sports, nature and other exciting activities, clients at this facility can relax aside from the intensive part of treatment. By combining AA philosophy with a holistic introduction to a healthy lifestyle, 12 Keys offers residents the tools they need to re-enter society with a sense of what they want and how to get it.

12 Keys Rehab Location

618 Northeast Jensen Beach Blvd
Jensen Beach, FL 34957

12 Keys Cost

$20,000 (30 days). Reach 12 Keys Rehab by phone at (866) 657-7230. Find 12 Keys Rehab on Facebook and Twitter

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