10 Top Twitter Feeds for Addiction & Recovery
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10 Top Twitter Feeds for Addiction & Recovery


addiction recovery twitterSocial media can be an invaluable tool to help people get sober. Seeing stories of other people’s addiction online, reading that daily inspirational quote or just discovering a community of like-minded people can all contribute to staying off the sauce another day. So we aren’t afraid to admit, we love Twitter. 140 characters isn’t too much of a commitment for anyone and on some days, that’s all you can really handle. We love it so much, we decided to break down our favorite accounts for your reading pleasure. Folla’ back, youngin—these @s are keeping it real on the reg. Some you’ve probably heard of but if we introduce you to some lesser known recovery warriors, we’ve done our job. Without further adieu, we bring you the top 10 Twitter accounts for all things addiction and recovery—from the avidly followed to the vastly underrated:


Links to stories, facts, lists and sweet recovery-themed threads, Sober Nation makes being sober look good (and cool). And we’re not alone in admiring their effortless cool kid factor. They’re holding strong at over 10,000 followers. A few more never hurts.


Anonymous Dreamer is a dream come true. With a focus on dreams based on addiction, alcoholism and PTSD, there are links to stories of specific dreams, followed by a psychoanalytic interpretation. So if you see a topic similar to something you’ve recently nightmare’d about, click to get some clarity. (I’m dying to know why I’m repeatedly dreaming it’s the opening night of my high school musical and I don’t know any of the lines or songs. Waiting for that Annie, Get Your Gun! trauma breakdown from Anonymous…)


Denise Krochta is a radio personality and author. And she’s a real gem if you’re looking for a place to direct the co-dependent in your life. Besides constantly sharing current recovery related hot topics, her book, Sweat: A Practical Plan for Keeping Your Heart Intact While Loving an Addict and radio show, Addicted to Addicts: Survival 101, is a solid resource for anyone with Alanon issues.


We love a good meme here at AfterParty and Full Recovery author Brian McAlister is always dropping inspirational ones on his Twitter feed. His tweets are a combination of encouragement for those in recovery and wisdom for those needing some good business sense now that their life is back on track through sobriety. I think Oprah would be mighty proud.


This one is a great resource for parents of addicts needing direction. Dedicated solely to connecting concerned guardians with addiction and recovery resources for youth, Our Young Addicts is a way for parents to express gratitude, share what gives them hope and read stories of those who have been through similar struggles. Ah, the Internet—when it’s not tearing people apart, it has a way of bringing people together. @KnowAddiction is a similar feed, if this topic is up your alley.


We follow these cats on Instagram too. The Sober Movement is basically non-stop congrats to people celebrating sobriety. Not only is celebrating sober birthdays uplifting to the person in recovery but it also encourages anyone who might be struggling but fearful that quitting is impossible. And let’s be honest, even those of us secure in our alcohol-and-drug-free-ness need a little reminder from time to time (okay, maybe every day), “This person did it, you can too!”


I’ll admit it: I’m a shameless Rob Lowe lover. He’s a damn American treasure. Sobriety is listed as one of this “loves” in this profile and decaf is a “hate.” Come on, need I say more? P.S., if you haven’t read Lowe’s memoir Stories I Only Tell My Friends, quit reading this immediately and go buy it. He publicly gushes about sobriety which is refreshing. Isn’t it nice to be reminded that Hollywood higher-ups are fighting the good fight against drugs and alcohol and still thriving?


Mindfulness Training isn’t necessarily specifically recovery-oriented but the quotes are applicable nonetheless. There is a whole lot of #EckhartTolle thrown your way, mixed with some links to meditation exercises. Constant reminders of the importance of staying in the present moment are beneficial to alcoholics and normies alike.


A frequent platform for AfterParty’s own @AnnabDavid and AllisonHudson, HuffPost Living is full of good tweets leading to articles about mental health, healthy eating and overall wellness. They’re frequently on our retweet list and offer tips along the same lines of another favorite, @mindbodygreen.


Oh, did we mention we’re on Twitter? We’ve got links to AfterParty news stories, podcasts and essays as well as memes for days. There are also rehab review links listed for every corner of this great nation. You never know when your city or town might be featured when someone you love nearby (or you) might be in need.

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