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Los Angeles-based 1 Method Center offers a highly individualized, abstinence-based addiction and co-occurring disorders program. Located in LA’s upscale Westside area, 1 Method was founded in September 2014 by Cassidy Cousens, a certified addiction counselor who previously created the Authentic Recovery program. The programs offered by 1 Method include detox, residential treatment and outpatient care with a sober living option.

Accommodations and Food

The 1 Method Center residential facility is a beautiful 5,000 square foot home in the Cheviot Hills neighborhood of West LA. The Mediterranean-style house was once home to a French diplomat and features stunning architecture and beautiful décor. Rooms are all equipped with plasma TVs, both Direct TV and Netflix and wireless Internet access. Each room features an outdoor balcony overlooking a lush, beautifully landscaped yard, heated pool and Jacuzzi.

Nutritious, organic meals are prepared by a personal chef and served three times a day family-style. The menu is developed by a nutritionist and dietary restrictions and most preferences can be accommodated.

Treatment and Staff

Residential treatment at 1 Method is individualized, but the average stay in primary care is 30 days. Clients who need detox are offered the option to undertake that process on-site with gentle, supervised medical detox. The treatment philosophy at 1 Method is abstinence-based, so Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) beyond detox is not provided.

Residents work with a dedicated therapist and 1 Method focuses primarily on individual, rather than group therapy. Therapy utilizes evidence-based practices, such as CBT and DBT. Dual diagnosis support in the form of psychiatric care and medication management is offered for co-occurring disorders. Clients are also encouraged, but not required, to attend frequent AA or NA meetings within the community to build a peer support network. Transportation is provided.

The team includes physicians who supervise detox, as well as a nurse practitioner. There are also psychiatrists, CADCs and MFTs. There is a staff nutritionist, several fitness trainers and a yoga instructor. Somebody is available on-site 24 hours a day.


An important component of the 1 Method experience is a specialized health and fitness program that’s customized to a client’s needs. This program aims to heal mind and body by incorporating cutting-edge neuroscience, breathing techniques and exercise. The curriculum is built around proven methods from the fields of Integrative Biology and Physiology.

There are four treatment packages available at 1 Method. The cost varies depending on whether the client wants a private room and additional holistic treatment beyond the health and fitness program. The top-tier platinum package includes a private room, personal massage therapist, acupuncture and chiropractic care.

Clients who have completed the primary care phase are provided with planning for their continuing care. Options offered by 1 Method include several outpatient tracks and sober living.

In Summary

The program provided by 1 Method is a luxury wellness-oriented experience in a beautiful location. Through a combo of specialized medical and psychiatric care, traditional therapy and cutting edge wellness, this program has it all. For adult clients who are seeking a rehab that focuses on healing the mind and strengthening the body, this is a great choice.

1 Method Center Location

10254 Bannockburn Dr
Los Angeles, CA 90064

1 Method Center Cost

$22,500-$42,500 (30 days). Reach 1 Method Center by phone at (800) 270-1389 or by email at [email protected]. Find 1 Method Center on Facebook and Twitter

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  1. Tabytha Walters on

    Excellent treatment for mental health as well as addiction. My son went here and has done very well. Contact me anytime if you’d like more inside perspective.

  2. I’ve been to other rehab facilities, and I can say that 1 Method Center tops them all. The staff, therapists, trainers, and even the owner Cassidy and COO Ryan take the time to make sure everyone’s needs are heard and met. This place is full of people who are compassionate and dedicated to truly helping all who come through their doors to heal and discover a better life. So thankful for 1 Method.

  3. I have worked in the field of Recovery since 2009 and I have a lot of experience working with programs, the care and attention that 1 Method provides is outstanding! I have had the privilege of collaborating with this amazing staff for the past year with numerous clients. They know how to meet each client where their at as well as push them towards action. Cassidy and Ryan, you a have such an amazing team and thank you for all the care and support you’ve given to the clients and families I work with.

  4. Timothy Harrington on

    What makes the difference to me as an interventionist and a family recovery advocate is authenticity of the program. 1 Method consistently delivers on their brand promise. It’s not just words on a website or in a brochure. They literally meet you where you are and then do not leave you there. They assertively include family in the treatment and recovery plan as they recognize the more they participate the better the outcomes. Not only that but when you call 1 method Center the owner answers the phone and does the admissions call. You get to speak to the person in charge, not some person with a headset on who doesn’t even work for the treatment center.

  5. After a blackout and a trip to the emergency room I finally came to the realization that I needed more than outpatient treatment for my alcoholism and treatment resistant depression. I did meticulous research and came to the conclusion that 1 Method best met my needs. I can’t even imagine a better experience than the one I had there. I just wish I could have extended my 30 day stay but that just didn’t work out. The facilities are beautiful, as depicted on their website. I did share my comfortable room with a lovely young woman that I believe connected with. One thing I will say is don’t expect to get unfettered access to your phone and computer, that comes with time and achievement. It did turn out to be a good thing, in my view, to be removed from the distractions of the outside world. We kept busy with groups, frequent individual therapy, outside meetings and other activities. There was some down time to enjoy the pool, watch TV or just hang out. Be aware this is mostly a 12 step based program with the addition of some alternative therapy, meditation and nutritional instruction. We worked out with trainers four days a week and did yoga one day a week. That was fantastic, even for an old, out of shape lady such as myself. I really appreciated my trainer, Vince, and his individualize workout program. I feel much improved and am continuing to work out. The food was almost too good and was created and delivered by the center’s chef, three times a day. I’m not used to such complete meals and it was another piece of the puzzle to improve our overall health. The best thing was the people. They have a stellar staff that try their best to meet all your needs. I especially loved my therapist, Maia. We did some really good work on my problems. I wish I could have taken her with me! I was so nervous when I got there and left with a much brighter outlook on life and some fantastic tools to help me in my fight against my demons. I can’t imagine a better treatment center at any price.

  6. I found 1 Method through my psychiatrist. I live in NYC and needed to deal with my trauma and negative coping mechanisms, which happened to be addiction and BAD relationships. I didn’t want a traditional approach, more holistic, and focused on me as an individual. 1 Method definitely exceeded my expectations or hopes. First, they focus on the individual and offer an integrated care model. Basically, they assessed me and determined what they thought I would need during treatment, talked w me about it, made a few adjustments and went to work. I had a therapist that specialized in relationships, who was amazing btw. I had another case worker to help me organize my day to day, and a trauma specialist to help me do EMDR and somatic therapy. It was an incredible team and really all I had been looking for out of a treatment center. They also have a really cool focus on health/fitness that’s was perfect for me. I truly believe that the holistic approach made all the difference. My detox doctor was incredible, and I didn’t even realize I was going through withdrawal from the Xanax and oxycodone. He was that good! At any rate, I stayed in the program longer than I initially expected, because I wanted to. All told I was there for 8 weeks. I returned to NY with a plan, and a team of people in place. It was really seamless. I am completely impressed with their model of care. I’ve been doing really well, obviously sober, and feeling like I’m finally heading in the right direction. I start school next semester and I’m confident again for the first time that I can remember. I simply cannot express my gratitude for the team at 1 Method.

  7. I don’t really post reviews very often, but I’m up, my son just took a year cake, and I’m incredibly grateful to One Method. My son attended their program a year ago today. We found them through a therapist and they helped us do an intervention after my son overdosed and was hospitalized at UCLA. The founder, Cassidy Cousens, came to the hospital to meet with my son and from that moment, our life began to change. We had very little hope before meeting these wonderful people. He had been through multiple rehab centers and nothing seemed to work. What I was most appreciative about was their way of being patient. It’s obvious they care in everything that they do. At the time, when the intervention took place, my son didn’t want to do anything more than 30 days. I remember thinking that was ridiculous. But we talked with Cassidy and he suggested we just take it one step at a time and meet him where he was at. “Let’s just start with a month.” Probably the best advice we could have had at the time. Cassidy and the other clinicians told us that once he was in treatment, they would begin to work with him and start to discuss the necessity for more care. And it worked. After the first couple weeks, he started to get back to his old self and slowly he started to look like himself again. He ended up staying in treatment because he wanted to, not because we forced him to at the beginning. I guess every situation is different, but the course we took was the right one. He stayed for every single program they offered and it made all the difference in the world. He was in treatment for almost 9 months, and then started to go back to school. Now, we just celebrated a year of dedication to his recovery. I always dreamed this would happen but often it felt like such a nightmare there was no hope. I can finally sleep again and visit without fighting and just be a family. I am forever grateful to you One Method. Thank you for all that you’ve done for my boy and my family. Love, Marianne

  8. This program is phenomenal. The health and fitness piece is sort of understated here. That part of the program is why I attended and it’s really amazing. It’s a totally holistic approach with a lot of one on one therapy. The psychiatrist’s are top-notch. They’ve put the pieces of the puzzle together in a really amazing way. I felt better leaving the program than I’ve ever felt in my life. I feel like they really helped me get a handle on not only my addiction but my depression too. It’s really an extraordinary program. I would definitely recommend trying them if you have trouble with either addiction or mental health problems. It’s definitely a dual diagnosis setting for sure.

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