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Louisiana Treatment Programs

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With a population of 4.65 million people and its largest cities being New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and Shreveport, “The Sportsman’s Paradise” is known for its prominent outdoor and wildlife activities in addition to its love of robust, spicy food and exuberant dancing. Like many other states, Louisiana is currently doing its part to combat the growing issue of substance abuse in America, especially that of prescription drug abuse. If you are battling a prescription drug addiction or any other dependency, seek professional help in one of the treatment programs in Louisiana today.

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Addiction in Louisiana

According to a 2013 report, the state ranked #19 in the drug overdoses. Approximately 13.2 people per 100,000 died from prescription drug abuse, making it a top public health concern in the state. The rate of deaths due to drugs in Louisiana is even higher than the United States national average.

Although prescription drugs are leading the pack in mortality rates for Louisiana, it is marijuana that appears to be the drug of choice. Based on statistics compiled for the WhiteHouse.gov “Louisiana Drug Control Update”, marijuana is the primary substance for which residents enroll in Louisiana drug rehab. In 2010, more than 4,500 treatment episodes were recorded for marijuana. Cocaine and other opiates follow closely behind with 3,000 and just over 2,500 admissions respectively.

Louisiana also hosts a number of casinos that cater to residents in its 64 parishes and the surrounding states, opening it up to yet another kind of addiction: gambling. The Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals reports that approximately 100,000 residents may have problem gambling and not be receiving the treatment they need.

Louisiana Rehabs

Due to the state’s unique needs, Louisiana has dozens of inpatient treatment centers as well as community outpatient rehab programs to help battle the dependency issues of its residents. These facilities are comprised of programs offered by the local government, federal government, private for-profit, and private non-profit Louisiana rehabs.

Treatment Options:

  • Short-term residential Louisiana alcohol rehab and drug treatment
  • Sober living communities
  • Long-term residential Louisiana rehabs for alcoholism, substance abuse, and other addictions
  • Outpatient treatment programs in Louisiana geared towards preventing relapse or for less serious addiction cases
  • Partial hospitalization inpatient rehab for severe cases that require 24-hour care
  • Day-treatment programs for substance abuse

Louisiana rehabs offer a number of great amenities that allow their clients to feel comfortable and at home while getting the treatment they need to overcome addiction. However, it is important to find the treatment center that best fits your current situation.


Treatment programs in Louisiana can vary widely in price. However, there are programs available to help everyone regardless of their current budget or lifestyle. There are a number of luxury rehabs for high-profile clients and those who prefer creature comforts while getting better. Plus, the local and federal government offer several programs that one can apply to if they need financial assistance.

If you are worried about financing your Louisiana drug rehab treatment, see if your insurance provider will cover a portion of your stay. Many programs also offer attractive finance options to residents who need a loan to fund their treatment.

If you are battling alcoholism or drug addiction in Louisiana, contact one of these highly reviewed Louisiana alcohol rehab programs on RehabReviews and start getting the treatment you need right away.

Find a rehab in Louisiana right now.

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